Shall We Tell Lies Or Shall We Tell the Truth?

Folk tales are like birds that come to roost. If any who fear the dark (darkness of any kind) call to them with an open heart, they will alight upon their shoulder and tell them stories. Birds of this kind come to rest on my shoulders. Along with them I will tell you stories, all from oral tradition. You will hear the tale of the baobob tree whose heart was filled with mythical treasures, the tale of the first mosquito (for once upon a time there were no mosquitoes, but then something happened and the first mosquito came into the world), the tale of the red Indian mouse called April Cloud who managed to reach the white spots on the sun and the tale of the dolphin that had a dream – a dream about us human beings.

The tales we shall tell you are lies from start to finish, yet true from beginning to end as well, for that’s the way that folk tales are.