A moment of silence in a world that had been loud with quarrelling gave a tiny blackbird chick the strength to break out from its shell and walk towards the real life that lay beyond the taunting stings of the nettles in the field where it had hatched and beyond the swamp where one could stay bogged down for ever, until, thanks to the hand of friendship, it reached the salt marsh where birds gather for their autumn journey south.

Could it be that deep down each one of us is no more than a solitary and vulnerable blackbird which, though stung by the nettles of this world (or perhaps precisely for that reason), will succeed in following the destiny of the birds, to fly free in the heavens?

A poetic little tale which describes with simplicity and humour the path a blackbird follows as it comes of age and finds its wings.

For children (and adults) who long to spread their wings and fly.