‘DIAVAZO’ no.509, July-August 2010. Review by Mariza Decastro

From the literary magazine ‘DIAVAZO’ no.509, July-August 2010. Review by Mariza Decastro

It would be as dry and dusty as the earth described in Lily Lambrelli’s ‘The Hidden Water’ to put a label on this tale and consign it to the ecology section. Not that it isn’t ecological! It is, and it breathes both strongly and naturally that folk wisdom of simple people who knew and were enchanted by nature and created imaginary beings such as elves and water-nymphs to make their lives more easy. A folk tale written with artistry by an author who has trained at the feet of the greatest story-tellers, who has studied traditional folk tales from all over the world and brought an inter-cultural world of her own into being, taking elements from many different traditions and making them speak Greek. If not the best book of the year, it is certainly the best-written and best-illustrated (by Fotini Stefanidi)!